Flourish is an online, invitation only platform which provides innovative access to financial products. 

Keep your cash FDIC insured

One Flourish Cash account provides up to 20x the FDIC insurance coverage of a single bank account. Flourish does the hard work of moving your cash to our FDIC-member Program Banks

  • FlourishCash: 
    • There’s no minimum to open or maintain your account.
    • It’s quick and easy to create and fund an account.
    • With no Flourish fees to open or maintain an account, the rate you see is the rate you get.∫
    • Download one consolidated monthly statement and one annual tax form.
    • Initiate transfers through flourish.com or from your existing bank or brokerage account.
  • FlourishCrypto: Simple and secure cryptocurrency investing. It takes just minutes to get started. Whether you are ready to invest a significant sum or want to start with a small amount, Flourish Crypto is your simple and secure solution—built from the ground up for the clients of financial advisors. Brought to you by Flourish Digital Assets and Paxos.